Spiced Rum
Reddish brown

A blend of a Jamaican Rum and two Rum
Agricole from Guadeloupe and Martinique.

A heartwarming blend of Bourbon Vanilla, Roasted Coconut (bio), Raw Cacao Nibs (bio), Jamaican Pepper, Raisins, Fresh Orange Wedges and a hint of Evaporated Sugar Cane Juice (bio).


The abovementioned spices and fruits are added to the blend of the 3 base rums. After the maceration period, it is time to filter the raw rum and to dilute it down to 40% ABV. Once at the diluted strength, the spiced rum is stored in vats to mature until tested (tasted) ready for consumption. The final steps are bottling, labeling and boxing up.


Perfect Serve:

  • Groot glas met ijs
  • mixer

Hentho - Rum

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    spiced rum

    Land Belgie


    Volume 70cl 40%